Communication Between Employees and Company

Principle and Outline

The Daigas Group believes it important that employees and companies enjoy mutual trust and respect if they are together to help Group companies achieve sound growth. Views are exchanged during informal meetings between labor unions and the management team and at the meetings of various exploratory committees, and communication between employees and companies is being encouraged through such approaches as workplace visits by Osaka Gas' president to Group companies and organizations.

Labor-Management Relations

Labor and management cooperation to resolve issues

Osaka Gas has a union shop system in which all employees except those in management level are union members.

The Osaka Gas Workers Union has about 4,500 members, including workers seconded to affiliate companies, and its goal is amicable labor-management relations. The labor union and company management hold council meetings and review committee sessions at which they discuss changes in working conditions, management issues, and company business in general.

Through opinion exchanges that build up mutual understanding and trust, the two sides form, maintain, and strengthen solid and amicable labor-management relations.

Workers Union Comment

Efforts to Maintain a Stable Labor-Management Relationship Based on Mutual Trust Even in a Changing Business Environment
  • Keiko Kabumoto Chairman, Central Executive Committee Osaka Gas Workers Union

    Keiko Kabumoto Chairman, Central Executive Committee Osaka Gas Workers Union

  • More than 50 years have passed since the Osaka Gas Workers Union was formed through the 1973 merger between its predecessor labor union and another employee union. During this period, union members have supported each other and have been united in resolving problems facing individual members each time they emerged—a fundamental policy that has remained unchanged despite the significant changes that have occurred in society. The union activities are aimed at achieving the happiness of all union members. Through their union activities, the members tried to find more meaning in life and an enhanced sense of fulfillment from work to feel greater happiness.

    Effectively as a partner of the Management, the Union has monitored and checked the Management’s decisions and other activities by making policy proposals at informal meetings with the President and executives, and separate informal meetings with officials of regional divisions. Through these meetings, the Union has conveyed the voices of union members directly to the Management.

    We have undertaken union activities not only by tackling issues requiring immediate attention but also taking medium- and long-term viewpoints into consideration. In response to the changing business environment and the company’s movement toward sustainable growth, we are working to build a resilient organization.

    In FY2021, while the spread of COVID-19 has been significantly affecting politics, economy and society, considerable changes are going on inside and outside our company. An example is the establishment of three affiliates (specified as core energy business companies) that play a key role in the energy field. We make efforts to fulfill our role as a workers union so that union members can feel at ease and motivated amid an ever-changing situation. One of these efforts is to listen to the members and have discussion between labor and management about the impacts of such changes on their work and personal lives whenever necessary.

    We will maintain the “equal and amicable labor-management relations” that we have inherited from our predecessors over the Company’s long history. Our goal is to bring labor and management together as a team as a means of improving company performance and boosting union members’ sense of commitment toward their work.

President’s Workplace Tours

An opportunity for direct dialogue between the president and group employees

  • With the aim of fostering a sense of unity among employees, the Daigas Group has President Honjo go around workplaces to provide employees with opportunities to talk with him in person.

    Through these workplace visits, we strive to foster a sense of unity in the Group. The President shares his thoughts on what the Group aims to be, “Daigas Group powers continuous advancement in consumer and business life,” which is clearly stated in the Daigas Group Management Principle. He also exchanges frank views with the members of each workplace.

    In FY2020, the President visited a total of six business locations, including the Osaka Pipeline Dept. (Network Company) and Osaka Gas Singapore Pte. Ltd.
    After each tour, an in-house newsletter reports on the President’s on-site visit and what he felt about it to share the information with employees of the Group.

  • President’s workplace tour

    President’s workplace tour at Osaka Pipeline Dept., Network Company (President Honjo is second from the left in the back)

Company Award System

President's awards created to build employee awareness

Osaka Gas presents President's Awards in each year to recognize the efforts of employees who have made outstanding contributions in numerous areas and to boost environmental awareness within the company. Employees of Osaka Gas, temporary workers, and employees of affiliate companies are eligible for these awards, given out for remarkable performance at the workplace, for social contributions on behalf of the environment or communities, for the transmission of skills, for safety efforts, etc.

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