Efforts for Protection of Personal Information

Aspects Determined as Materiality
  • Customer Privacy


Principle and Outline

Based on its belief that information is an important asset for companies and should thus be managed properly to prevent leaks or losses, the Daigas Group has put into place a system to suitably use/manage the personal information entrusted to the Group by its customers. We are also striving to enhance our risk management regarding personal information via our “G-RIMS” risk self-inspection system, and to raise employee awareness through e-learning and training.

Protection of Personal Information

Structure for strengthening protection of personal information including affiliates and contractors

We strive for the appropriate management of personal information and the prevention of personal information leakage in the following ways: the Vice President in charge of the General Affairs Department serves as the Chief Privacy Officer (CPO); each business unit, the Human Resources Department, and each affiliate have a personal information manager; and we have established a personal information protection system that even covers contractors.

■Personal Information Protection Structure
Personal Information Protection Structure

Strengthening risk management through training and e-learning

Every year the Daigas Group uses the “G-RIMS” risk self-assessment system to reinforce risk management regarding personal information management. We also make the protection of personal information a key part of compliance training in efforts to raise employee awareness. And all employees and temporary workers dispatched from manpower agencies with access to an Osaka Gas personal computer, are obliged to take basic or case-study e-learning courses.

In FY2020, we conducted e-learning based on case studies.

FY2020 Information security e-learning session participants: 5,299

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