CSR Indicator

CSR Indicator

Management Approach

Fundamental concept

The Daigas Group believes that observing compliance and respecting human rights are the most important factors for the Group in winning trust from customers and society, and constitute the basis of business continuity.

Based on our notion that compliance extends beyond just following laws and regulations to include exhibiting decent behavior as a member of society, the Daigas Group recognizes fulfilling compliance as continuing to live up to the expectations of customers, employees, society and shareholders while winning their trust and sympathy. The Group thus endeavors to maintain fair and honest relations with customers, business partners, and all other parties, and to respect human rights. Ensuring compliance is the most important thing we can do to gain the trust of customers and the society, and is the basis for continuing our business. Recognizing that every manager and employee is the key to compliance, we are continually conducting training sessions and employee surveys to raise awareness.

Scores on Compliance Awareness / Percentage of Employees Receiving “Compliance Training”

We have introduced three viewpoints deemed important for compliance promotion as CSR Indicators. These three are: ① the degree of recognition by each employee of the Daigas Group Code of Conduct, ② the degree of penetration through each Daigas Group organization of employees' awareness of the importance of compliance, and ③ the percentage of the Daigas Group employees taking a compliance training course.

As for indicators ① and ② above, the Daigas Group aims to obtain higher scores than in the previous year in the compliance awareness surveys that it has been conducting since FY2004 to measure the degree of its penetration. Concerning indicator ③ we work to ensure that all employees receive compliance training.

Targets and results

In the employees’ compliance awareness survey, the score for indicator ① declined by 1.7 points and that for ② rose by 1.3 points from the previous year. The compliance training participation rate achieved 100%.

Targets Results
Scores on compliance Awareness
① Individual: Recognition level of Code of Conduct Higher than the previous year Down 1.7 percentage points year-on-year(82.7%)
② Organization: Degree of compliance penetration in the organization Higher than the previous year Up 1.3 percentage points year-on-year(93.1%)
③ Percentage of employees receiving the compliance training 100% 100%(No. of employees subjected: 23,063人)

Actions taken

Actions taken to enhance the awareness and understanding of employees of compliance

Efforts are under way to have all employees understand the content of the Daigas Group Code of Conduct and heighten awareness of the importance of compliance throughout the Group. Each organization of the Osaka Gas and its affiliated companies hold training sessions for their employees that take into account their particular business and workplace characteristics.

Furthermore, we have reported the results of the employees’ compliance awareness survey to the ESG Committee and the Compliance and Risk Management Subcommittee and gave feedback to each organization and affiliate. We are also promoting the enhancement of the recognition and understanding of the Code of Conduct and proceeding with the development of an activity plan for the next fiscal year based on the survey results.

In FY2020, we added seven topics for workplace discussions used by Group companies and organizations. We also conducted “case method training” for managers, a discussion-style in-house training program, which had 295 trainees.

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