CSR Indicator

Management Approach

Fundamental concept

The Daigas Group aims to promote sustainable regional communities through communication with society under five themes—working with regional communities; history, culture and towns; sports and health; safety and security; and diet.

Through business activities rooted in communities, the Daigas Group grasps changes and issues in the environment surrounding the communities and builds good relations with various stakeholders. While striving for active information disclosure to gain understanding of our business, we are engaged in activities to create value in communities (regional co-creation) as a member of the communities and society mainly in five fields: working with regional communities; history, culture and towns; sports and health; safety and security; and diet. An example of the activities is the Small Light Campaign led by our employees. By actively working on these activities that use the resources our Group has, we will contribute to the development of sustainable regional communities where people can live a comfortable and spiritually rich life.

Joining hands with local communities to create new social value

Activities to Deepen Communication with Society and Social Contribution Activities

The CSR indicator figure listed as “Number of events held (on-site dietary and energy/environment seminars, etc.)” represents the number of educational events the Daigas Group sponsored to enhance people’s understanding of energy, food and fire use. The CSR indicator figure listed as “Number of contacts” means the number of visits by the general public to the Gas Science Museum. The CSR indicator figure listed as “Number of events (for society contribution) held” indicates the number of events the Daigas Group has hosted as part of its efforts to promote social contribution activities, including baseball clinics by the Group’s athletic club members and educational seminars targeting young people.

Targets and results

In FY2020, the Daigas Group held 1,373 educational events for energy, environment, food and fire. Over the year, 813 communication-enhancement events were held at the Gas Science Museum. A total of 635 events aimed at promoting the Group’s social contribution were held, including activities under the “Small Light Campaign” and activities by athletic clubs. In addition, the number of social contribution activities held by the Research Institute for Culture, Energy and Life (CEL) of Osaka Gas and the Osaka Gas Group Welfare Foundation totaled 464 over the year.

Targets Results
Events held to enhance communication Number of such events held
(environmental education and food education, and visit to the Gas Science Museum)
2,915 events or more 2,979 events
Social contribution activities Number of events held 1,090 events or more 1,099 events

Actions taken

Continued communication activities and social contribution Activities

By continuing to undertake activities aimed at enhancing communication with society through energy and environment education, food education, disaster-prevention education and fire education, while taking advantage of the assets it has amassed through business operations, the Daigas Group aims to realize the creation of regional value. In FY2020, the Group worked together with government, educational and medical personnel to resolve local issues through our food education, disaster-prevention, and environment education programs.

Furthermore, we are actively engaged in social contribution activities, including support of social welfare facilities through our Small Light Campaign; baseball classes and boys’ soccer tournaments held by our athletic clubs; and youth development activities.

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