Promotion of Green Purchasing

Aspects Determined as Materiality
  • Supplier Environmental Assessment


Principle and Outline

With the fundamental motivations of harmonizing its business activities with the environment .and achieving the efficient use of energy, Osaka Gas has been implementing measures to reduce the environmental impact of its business activities. As part of these efforts, we have been pursuing “Green Purchasing” that entails purchasing eco-friendly goods and installation contracts used by Osaka Gas from business partners actively involved in environmental conservation.

Green Purchasing

Promoting green purchasing in collaboration with suppliers and affiliates

  • Logo of Osaka Gas's “Green Partner Initiative”

    Logo of Osaka Gas's “Green Partner Initiative”

  • Based on its Green Purchasing Guidelines (formulated in 2000, revised in 2020), Osaka Gas works with business partners to promote Green Purchasing: prioritized procurement of biodiversity-friendly goods and construction work that have less impact on the environment. We actively use eco-friendly products, including Forest Stewardship Council-certified paper, recycled paper, LED lighting, and carbon offset products.

    In 2005, we launched the “Green Partner Initiative” to evaluate environmental efforts by our main suppliers, including establishing an environmental management system (EMS) and obtaining an EMS certificate. Suppliers recognized in support of the initiative have been registered as Green Partners.

    The Green Partner Initiative was revised in FY2016, resulting in suppliers other than those supplying piping materials now being covered by the initiative. As of March 31, 2020, 109 suppliers are registered. Affiliates are working to expand green purchasing under the Daigas Group Environmental Management System (OGEMS), the Daigas Group’s unique environmental management system.
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