CSR Indicator

Management Approach

Fundamental concept

The Daigas Group will endeavor to ensure stable procurement, stable supply, and security to enable customers to utilize energy safely. In so doing, the Group will provide products and services of value to its customers.

The Daigas Group is committed to making a positive contribution to realizing a higher level of comfort and development in the business activities of its customers through stable procurement and safe supply of natural gas and other energy sources, and by ensuring safe use of gas and equipment with an improved level of services for its customers. We believe that an important foundation in realizing this will be ensuring security so that customers can use energy without worry. We will endeavor to provide products and services that give utmost reassurance to safety and will take on the challenge of creating value in line with customers’ wishes in order to be a corporate group that continually evolves and develops alongside its customers.

Customer Satisfaction Survey: Seven Customer Service Duties

The “Customer Satisfaction Survey” covers seven duties that deal directly with customers: opening of gas lines, repair of gas appliances, regular security patrol (gas facilities inspection), response to telephone inquiries, sales of appliances, security emergency response, and replacement of gas meters upon expiration of the validity period. We send out questionnaires after completing each operation and analyze the customer responses received. Customer satisfaction is graded on a scale of one to six, and the “overall satisfaction rate” is the ratio of responses in the top two grades to the total number of responses.

Targets and results

The overall satisfaction rate was 92% in FY2020, the same rate as that of the preceding year.We will continue to offer customer-oriented services in response to the opinions revealed in the survey.

Targets Results
Overall satisfaction rate 91% or more 92%
Satisfaction rate for each of seven customer service duties 86% or more 90% or more

Actions taken

Further efforts to enhance levels of customer service

Aiming to provide a higher level of service, we create a manual for each duty and share it among employees, as well as raise awareness of managers and customer service staff through training intended for them.In addition, we make the most of feedback given by customers during customer satisfaction surveys.

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