CSR Charter Index

CSR Charter Ⅰ Creating Value for Customers

The Daigas Group is committed to making a positive contribution to realizing a higher level of comfort and development in the business activities of its customers through stable procurement and safe supply of natural gas and other energies, and ensuring of safe use of gas and equipment with an improved level of services for its customers. We will endeavor to provide products and services benefiticial to the society and to take on the challenge of creating new value in order to be a corporate group that continually evolves and develops alongside its customers.

CSR CharterⅡ
Harmonizing with the Environment and Contributing to Realizing a Sustainable Society

Addressing the issues of the environment both at regional and global levels is of paramount importance for the Daigas Group which is engaged in wide-ranging energy services. Being seriously aware of the impacts of its business activities on the environment, the Group seeks to harmonize its businesses with the environment and to realize efficient utilization of energy resources, thereby contributing to realizing a sustainable society.

CSR Charter Ⅲ Being a Good Corporate Citizen Contributing to Society

As a good corporate citizen, the Daigas Group strives to maintain communication with society and the communities it serves. Through proactive disclosure of information and improved managerial transparency, we intend to establish favorable relationships with citizens and to make our positive contribution to the development of a healthy society.

CSR Charter Ⅴ Management Policy for Human Growth

The Daigas Group strives to become a corporate group that can realize the growth of its employees through work by ensuring employment and respecting employees' individuality and self-initiative. By devoting ourselves to hard work and self-education, we will take on the task of creating new value for customers and society. The Daigas Group and its employees will work in tandem with each other to achieve the sound growth of the Group while maintaining mutual trust and without being excessively lax.

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