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Long-Term Management Vision 2030

  • Becoming an Innovative Energy & Service Company that Continues to Be the First Choice of Customers
  • CSR Efforts to Realize Long-Term Management Vision 2030
  • Building an Environment-Friendly Business that Contributes to the Emergence of a Low-Carbon Society
  • Developing Personnel and Creating a Work Environment to Provide Services That Always Exceed Customer Expectations

Developing Personnel and Creating a Work Environment to Provide Services That Always Exceed Customer Expectations

Continue to Be a Healthy Corporate Group

To continue to be a healthy corporate group, we are committed to reforming attitude and style of work while securing an environment to promote such reforms.

Continue to be a healthy corporate group

The Daigas Group is committed to promoting a work environment that attracts many human resources with diverse values and where they can work with motivation and pride, thereby realizing highly productive and creative work styles.

Work Style
Work Environment
Promotion of efficient work styles

The Daigas Group launched a committee to encourage employees to work efficiently. The committee is intended to improve the Group's productivity and establish creative work styles. As a means of increasing operational efficiency and promoting efficient manpower use, the committee has formulated a specific code of conduct for employees, which spell out how to streamline business operations in document compilation and time management during conferences. Also included in the code of conduct is what superiors should keep in mind in their everyday work. Employees of Osaka Gas and its group companies can access an in-house portal site containing information on how to work efficiently, which is open around the clock.

Promotion of diversity

The Daigas Group believes that it is essential for the Group to promote diversity in its corporate membership—an idea materialized by the compilation of the Daigas Group Diversity Promotion Policy. Based on this policy, the Group is working on fostering a corporate culture in which people with different backgrounds can engage in discussion freely—irrespective of their gender, age, nationality or physical disability. Especially imperative for the Group is establishing a system to empower women. To become a corporate group that can use women's abilities fully and establish a corporate structure in which such abilities can be used effectively, we have set numerical goals and worked out an action plan, based on which various measures and systems are being introduced.

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Environmental Management:
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Recognition of and Action on Risks and Opportunities
Actions for Climate Change: Method to Evaluate Effects of CO2 Emissions Reduction
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