Dialogue and Cooperation with Stakeholders

Dialogue and Cooperation with Stakeholders

The Daigas Group is focusing on active engagement with stakeholders through dialogue to recognize various possible issues involved in its CSR and to come up with mutually acceptable solutions to such issues, based on the Daigas Group CSR Charter and Daigas Group Code of Conduct. For example, the Daigas Group has been promoting dialogue with the Kansai Consumers' Association Liaison Commission, the Osaka Voluntary Action Center, and the Osaka Gas Labor Union. Furthermore, the Group is sharing information and cooperating as a member of the Global Compact Network Japan, and actively taking part in the formulation of various policy measures by the government and municipalities. The Group is also active as a member of the International Gas Union (IGU) , aiming at promotion of the global gas industry.

One of the results of such engagement is that five business associations formed by partner companies undertaking gas-related services established the Code of Ethics respectively in response to the Group's policy. The Group is also actively engaging with various stakeholders, such as businesses, universities and NPOs.

■Stakeholders of the Daigas Group
Stakeholders of the Daigas Group

Main Opportunities and Tools for Contacts with Stakeholders, and Value Provided through the Contacts

Stakeholders Main contact opportunities and contact tools Value provided
  • ・Business opportunities such as safety check and sale
  • ・“Customer Centers”
  • ・Service shops
  • ・Showrooms
  • ・Corporate PR events
  • ・Advertisements via TV and other media
  • ・Website
  • ・Catalogs for products and services
Creating value for customers:
We will continue to meet customer expectations by co-creating services that offer customers greater comfort, convenience and security in various fields.
Business partners and suppliers
  • ・Business opportunities
  • ・Various regular meetings
  • ・Joint training and drills
Creating social value:
We will strive to ensure fairness and transparency in our business activities and contribute to sustainable development of society and improvement of the global environment.
Consumers groups
  • ・Meetings
  • ・Tours
  • ・Seminars, study meetings
Regional communities
  • ・Social contribution activities
  • ・Tours
  • ・“Energy and environmental education”
Students and educational institutions
  • ・Joint study
  • ・“Energy and environmental education,” “food education,” “fire education,” “education on disaster prevention”
  • ・Acceptance of interns
  • ・Recruitment meetings
  • ・Website
Knowledgeable people
  • ・Joint study
  • ・Meetings
Administrative authorities
  • ・Submission of various documents
  • ・Meetings
  • ・Cooperation for regional development
  • ・Joint research
  • ・Joint work and cooperation for solving regional issues
  • ・Meetings
Shareholders / investors
  • ・Issuance of various reports (financial statement, annual reports)
  • ・Briefings
  • ・Website
Creating value for shareholders:
We will strive to maximize our corporate value through long-term and stable growth based on a sound financial foundation.
  • ・Labor-management meetings
  • ・Education and training sessions
  • ・“Compliance Desks”
  • ・“Human rights desk”
  • ・“Harassment desk”
  • ・Intranet, in-house publications
Creating value for employees:
We will respect the diverse individualities of our employees and support them so that they can find their work rewarding and achieve self-development.

FY2020 Results of CSR Activities

Dialogue with Customers
  • To provide services in excess of customer expectations, we are listening to their voices through various contacts with them, with the aim of improving our products and services.

    Phone calls received by customer centers: approx. 3.96 million
    No. of replies to a survey on customer satisfaction: approx. 59 thousand

  • Customer Center

    Customer Center

Dialogue with Consumer Groups
  • Consumer groups with which we held meetings included the Kansai Consumers' Association Liaison Commission, the Osaka Voluntary Action Center, and the Osaka Gas Labor Union.

    A total of 793 meetings were held with consumer organizations to enhance our communications with them.

  • Invitation of people from consumer groups to our facilities

    Invitation of people from consumer groups to our facilities

Dialogue with Local Communities
  • The Daigas Group cannot attain its intended business goals without building a favorable relationship with local communities. As part of such efforts, we are undertaking a variety of social contribution activities, including providing energy and environmental education, food education, fire education, and disaster response education.

    No. of events for social contribution enhancement: 1,099
    No. of events for environmental and food education: 1,373

  • Food education

    Food education

Dialogue with Shareholders and Investors
  • The Daigas Group has been stepping up information disclosure to the general public and dialogue with shareholders and investors, using a variety of media and briefing sessions, with the aim of strengthening our management base, regarded as necessary to generate profit in a stable manner and return part of it to shareholders continuously. By doing so, we aim to create value for shareholders.

    No. of meetings with institutional investors and analysts: 139 (82 meetings held in Japan and 57 meetings held outside Japan)
    No. of briefings on financial results and single-year business plans: 5
    No. of briefings held for individual investors: 9

  • Annual report

    Annual report

TOPIC: ESG Dialogue through Various Opportunities

  • In FY2020, we had ESG interviews conducted by three institutional investors and exchanged views on action against climate change, corporate governance and other topics with them.

    In addition, at the TCFD Seminar on December 18, organized by Okasan Securities Co., Ltd., we were given an opportunity to explain our ESG management in conformity with global standards, which the Daigas Group advocates in its Long-Term Management Vision 2030, including our initiatives to contribute to achievement of the SDGs.

    We will continue our efforts to create value for customers through dialogues with institutional investors and other parties.

  • TCFD Seminar

    TCFD Seminar

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