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Management and CSR of the Daigas Group

Daigas Group Code of Conduct

Daigas Group Code of Conduct

In 2000, Osaka Gas established a detailed Code of Conduct for abidance by all directors and employees. In July 2011, it was revised to reflect ISO 26000 and to be better and more widely understood by the entire Daigas Group.

The Daigas Group Code of Conduct was revised in March 2018 in response to the introduction of the new group brand, “Daigas Group.” The revised Code of Conduct stipulates that Daigas Group compliance must reach the level of not only observing laws but also living up to the expectations of society. (The final revision was made at the end of February 2018 for implementation on March 1.)

Daigas Group Code of Conduct


The prime objective of a business is to create values for its stakeholders, namely customers, shareholders, employees and the society as a whole within which it operates. Creating value for the society is called “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)” and each company of the Daigas Group recognises the compliance is a cornerstone of the CSR.

The compliance at Daigas Group is not limited to observation of the relevant laws and regulations, but it includes such factors as sound ethics and good common sense, which a good citizen will use as a basis of his behaviour. I expect that each and every member of the Group is well aware of and acts in accordance with this broader idea of the compliance.

This Code of Conduct has been prepared and compiled as a reference when anyone in the Group makes business decisions and actions. Of course, this is not intended as a comprehensive manual to follow for a day-to-day business. Rather, it is a principle referred to under a specific business situation. In this day and age, the society and business environment transform themselves quite rapidly, and, specific steps to be taken to comply with this code of conduct may vary from time to time. But the ideas incorporated in this code, together with our CSR charter, will apply universally to each instance.

To discharge our CSR, it is important that our every business activity conforms with our set standard, and, if we can continue and accumulate such activities, we will certainly gain the recognition that the Daigas Group is indispensable to the society as a whole. At the same time, we must continue to render our effort to keep the Daigas Group evolving so our workplace remains the place where we take pride in and is the field to make our dreams come true.

Adopted in February 2000
Revised on Feb. 28, 2018 (final)
Implemented on March 1, 2018

Takehiro Honjo
President, Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.

1. Respect for human rights
  • We recognise that our conduct in every aspect must be based on our maximum respect for human rights.
  • We will maintain our proper knowledge about human rights and we will treat our customers, business partners, employees, and people in the community, in a fair and equal manner, and we will not discriminate them for any reasons.
2. Creating pleasant work environment
  • We will always remain considerate to all employees, regardless of their form of employment, and act accordingly in order to realize a pleasant work environment without harassment so that versatile human resources are given opportunities to maximize their potentials.
  • Those in higher positions need to be fully aware of their power and responsibility, and they should not abuse their power.
  • We stand on our policy of ensuring safety and health as the most important principle of the workplace and strive to prevent work hazards.
  • We respect individual characters of employees and strive to develop their career objectives and potentials.
3. Compliance with laws and regulations
  • We must familiarize ourselves with laws and regulations relevant to our business activities.
  • All business activities must be conducted in compliance with laws and with decency.
  • In order to conduct business activities with legal compliance and with decency, internal rules must be set out and business activities must be conducted on the basis of these rules.
4. Personal and professional lives
  • Professional positions must not be taken advantage of for personal gains.
  • Properties of the corporation must not be taken advantage of for personal purposes.
5. Respect for international rules and regulations as well as international norms including
those on human rights
  • In conducting business activities, we must be considerate of cultures, customs and interest of stakeholders, not to mention compliance with laws of countries and regions as well as respect for international norms including those on human rights.
  • We must give due consideration to the principles of the United Nations Global Compact on human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption, and conduct our business activities in a proper manner.
6. Considerations to the environment
  • The environment is the basis of all lives on earth. We will give proper consideration to the environment in every aspect of our business activities.
  • In order to make our contribution to environmental protection, we will strive to conserve resources and energy so that the impact of our business activities as well as that of our products and services will be reduced.
7. Compliance with anti-monopoly laws and practice of fair transaction
  • In our business transactions, we will comply with anti-monopoly laws and its relevant regulations. We will not be engaged in anti-competitive, restrictive, and unfair trade practices.
  • We will maintain equal terms with the parties we do business with. We will not take advantage, if any, of our favourable positions in business transactions.
  • In our business transactions, we will not only comply with anti-monopoly laws but also conduct business in a fair manner.
  • All our business transactions will be conducted in a fair and economically reasonable manner and in compliance with laws on the basis of the quality and prices of products and services as well as in consideration of other elements
8. Provision of products and services
  • We will act with our recognition that it is our mission as good corporate citizens to develop products and services useful to society and that they will be provided at reasonable prices and with superior quality.
  • Every employee must perform his or her work by adhering to basic rules to achieve a high level of professionalism.
9. Ensuring safety of products and services
  • We will give our highest priority to ensuring safety in every aspect of products and services from their development to utilization
  • We will strive to achieve a level of safety from customers' perspectives, not to mention fulfilling legally required safety standards.
  • When accidents occur with products, we will immediately search for their causes and prevent their recurrence. Simultaneously, we will examine the extent of damage and risk and take necessary actions including recovery of products and notifying users of their exposure to risks and dangers.
  • We will use reasonable means to predict natural disasters to avoid damages and dangers so that we can provide our customers with products and services in a safe and steady manner.
10. Interacting with customers
  • We will observe our principles in our interaction with customers including decent behaviour and courtesy.
  • We stand by our customer's side and remain accountable in providing information on products and services before our business transactions with them.
  • We will respond promptly to customer's complaints and grievances upon outbreak of accidents and other problems. We will reinstate our errors as necessary and take necessary actions including work improvement and prevention of recurrence.
  • We will not violate laws or relent to unreasonable demands even if our customer demands to do so.
11. Contribution to society
  • We will keep our minds open to broad social issues and maintain our awareness on our responsibility to make our contribution to society.
12. Associating with business partners
  • We will remain decent in our relationship with those we do business and we will be modest and remain within the legally allowable range in our association with them.
  • In associating with civil officials and officials/staffs of public institutions, we will comply with relevant laws and regulations.
  • In placing orders or engaging in purchasing activities, we will not be entertained by our business partners. Neither do we accept gifts from them.
13. Developing our partners' understanding on our code of conduct
  • We will develop our business partners' understanding on our code of conduct and ask for their support.
14. Use of information and information systems
  • Being aware that information is an important corporate asset, we will handle information with care so that it will not be leaked or passed on to other parties.
  • We will use and manage personal information in an appropriate manner.
  • Accessing and using insider information for transaction of securities is strictly prohibited.
  • We will appropriately use e-mail and other internet-based communication systems in compliance with rules and regulations. The company's information systems must be used for professional purposes only.
15. Disclosure of information
  • We will disclose information on management of the Daigas Group as well as factual information affecting management and that has the necessity of disclosure responding to social requests in timely and an appropriate manner.
  • We strive to promote communication with society including our stakeholders.
16. Management of intellectual property
  • We recognise that intellectual properties are an important asset for a business enterprise. While we manage our own intellectual properties with care, we will not infringe on other parties' intellectural property rights.
17. Prohibiting association with anti-social forces, including favours and benefits
  • Under no circumstances will we tolerate dealings with or giving favours to anti-social forces. Non-bribe and non-financial dealings such as unreasonable discount of services and products are strictly prohibited.
18. Appropriate payment of taxes and accounting practices
  • We will remain aware of the significance of paying taxes as a corporate entity, and that we will build up adequate knowledge on taxes, and make tax payments in an appropriate manner.
  • We will handle our financial accounts on the basis of internal rules and work manuals.
“Our Declaration” - A Summary of the “Daigas Group Code of Conduct”

To promote better understanding of the Daigas Group Code of Conduct, we prepared “Our Declaration” consisting of 10 items, which is an extracted essence of the Code of Conduct. A pocket-size card bearing “Our Declaration” has been distributed to all Group employees. The declaration is also posted on the Group's intranet system for dissemination to all employees.

Widespread Thorough Understanding of the “Daigas Group Code of Conduct”

A paper version of the Code of Conduct and a pocket-size card bearing the Code of Conduct has been distributed to all employees, and posted on the intranet for dissemination to all employees.

The Code of Conduct is also incorporated into training and similar activities to deepen understanding.

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