Corporate Principle and Charter

The Daigas Group aims to become a corporate group that helps customers both on the livelihood and business fronts for their “further evolution.” To that end, the Group promotes our business activities with an aim of creating “value for society,” “value for shareholders” and “value for employees” as well as “value for customers,” our top priority. We believe that realizing the four value creations through fair and transparent business activities fulfills the Group's social responsibility, and we will promote initiatives in accordance with our upheld corporate philosophy system.

■Corporate Philosophy System

Daigas Group Corporate Principle

Daigas Group Charter of Business Conduct

The Daigas Group is committed to creating value primarily for customers, as well as for society, shareholders, and employees, through fair and transparent business activities as its corporate social responsibility.

The Daigas Group Charter of Business Conduct (“the Charter”) demonstrates the Daigas Group’s commitment to fulfilling its corporate social responsibility while achieving its sustainable business development. This Charter serves as the Group’s fundamental guide to fulfilling its responsibility in cooperation with customers, society, shareholders and employees by contributing to the sustainability of economy and society and resolving social issues through its business activities.

The Daigas Group’s management members are expected to be role models in acting in accordance with the Charter. They must immediately take strict corrective action in case of any infringement of the Charter.

I. Creating value for customers

The Daigas Group aims to enhance energy resilience through a reliable and safe supply of energy including natural gas, electricity, and LPG, while ensuring safety and providing services. The Daigas Group strives to create value through the development of various businesses and innovation for customers’ comfortable lifestyles and sustainable business development.

II. Contributing to the sustainability of the environment and society

The Daigas Group addresses the environmental issues both at regional and global levels as a matter of paramount importance in its business centered on energy supply. In light of the impacts of its business activities on the environment, the Daigas Group strives to tackle climate change and other environmental issues, develop innovative technologies and promote their wider use, and support the advanced use of resources and materials.

III. Engaging with and contributing to society

The Daigas Group ensures the transparency of its business operations and discloses information for the public’s better understanding on its corporate activities. The Daigas Group promotes cooperation with various stakeholders through productive dialogue and makes positive contribution to the local community as a good corporate citizen.

IV. Respecting human rights

The Daigas Group respects human rights as basic rights inherent to all. The Group supports the international standards on human rights and promotes activities and programs to protect the human rights of its stakeholders.

V. Complying with laws and regulations

The Daigas Group strives to earn the trust of society through its compliance with laws and regulations on all levels including the management and employees. The Group's compliance is not limited to observing laws and regulations but includes acting sensibly as a member of society. The Group conducts business activities with fairness and integrity, respecting the culture and customs of each country and region where it operates.

VI. Providing work environment that supports employees’ personal growth

The Daigas Group provides a safe and healthy working environment for its employees while securing employment opportunities. The Group values its employees’ individual uniqueness, respects their independence as individuals, supports their personal growth, and promote diversity, equal opportunity, and inclusion at the workplace.

April 1, 2021
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