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1. Preliminary procedure
If you wish to supply products to Osaka Gas for the first time, please apply to the Purchasing Department. In doing so, please describe your company's financial status, the product(s) you wish to provide us and the terms of supply. These details should be provided by using a brochure or company profile statements explaining the company's financial position, and brochures on the product(s) and technical data. It is important that you can explain the advantage of your products to Osaka Gas in the light of our basic purchase policies, and the benefits that a business relationship with your company could bring to Osaka Gas. You may be required by Osaka Gas to submit Japanese translation of the foregoing documents if such documents are not prepared in Japanese. Information and data on your company and your product(s) will be stored and managed in our files as "Products and Suppliers". The information will be used for selecting the companies to which we ask to submit estimates.

Should it be the first time you wish to supply materials or equipment for which Osaka Gas has clearly defined purchase conditions, such as delivery time and product specifications, we conduct a preliminary examination of your company and the product(s) you wish to supply, and make a comprehensive evaluation based on the following criteria:
  ・Necessity of the product(s).
・Whether the product(s) can satisfy the standards set by Osaka Gas regarding quality, performance, reliability, safety, price, delivery reliability, and compatibility with existing facilities, as well as the company's financial condition, supply capacity, facility capacity, technological capacity, maintenance and service systems.The merit of establishing a business relationship with the new supplier will also be considered.
Information for the preliminary examination can be in any format as long as it provides sufficient data for evaluating the above criteria. However, if deemed necessary, Osaka Gas may request additional information, product samples and/or explanation. After passing the preliminary examination, the information and data on your company and products will be stored and managed in our files as "Companies from Which Estimates Can Be Requested", to be used in selecting those companies to which we ask to submit estimates. The results of the preliminary examination are available up on request, although any information considered confidential by Osaka Gas will be excluded.
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