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December 14. 2018
Osaka Gas USA acquires stake in a natural gas-fired power plant in Connecticut, US
October 23. 2018
--Commencement of Natural Gas Joint Marketing Business in Indonesia with Pertamina Group--
October 18. 2018
Starting the Project for Activated Carbon Fibers (ACF) Air Purification Unit in the Republic of Indonesia - A JICA-adopted Project -
September 18. 2018
Osaka Gas selected for the DJSI World Index for the second consecutive year
September 04. 2018
Commencement of the On-Site Energy Supply Project for Thai Honda Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
August 07. 2018
Osaka Gas will conduct a joint demonstration project with Geli, a start-up offering a VPP software platform for distributed energy storage resources, and has also invested in the company.
June 29. 2018
Osaka Gas participates in a shale gas project in Texas, USA
June 28. 2018
Notice of Resolution at 200th Annual Meeting of Shareholders
May 17. 2018
Osaka Gas Engineering to Provide Consulting Services on Construction of LNG Receiving Terminals in Taiwan
May 15. 2018
Osaka Gas USA acquires natural gas-fired power plant in Connecticut, US
April 26. 2018
Osaka Gas invests in U.S.-based venture fund WiL Fund II
April 10. 2018
Osaka Gas USA acquires natural gas-fired power plant in Michigan, US
March 27. 2018
OGFICE Provides Educational Assistance to Indonesia, Malaysia, and East Timor through its FY 2017 Programs
March 08. 2018
Business Plan for FY2019.3 of Daigas Group
March 08. 2018
Launch of a new group brand “Daigas Group”

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