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Prevention of Carbon Monoxide
Poisoning (CO Poisoning)

When using a gas appliance indoors, fresh air is a must. Please ventilate your room!

When using a gas appliance indoors, please ventilate your room.

There is a possibility of CO poisoning if…

  • you experience the below:
    Feeling a tingle in the eye/Feeling ill/Smelling an unpleasant odor
  • the flame in a gas appliance
    goes out.
    the flame in a gas appliance goes out.
  • the CO alarm goes off.
    oo-oo beep-beep beep-beep Kuukiga yogorete kiken desu. kanki wo shite kudasai.* /*A dangerous level of CO concentration is detected. Please ventilate the room.

CO Poisoning is deadly! If you have any of these symptoms, get to fresh air immediately.

If you feel ill or dizzy while using a gas appliance, turn off the appliance and call Gas Leak Emegency Number

Always ventilate the room when using gas appliances.

Insufficient ventilation will reduce the amount of fresh air in the room and cause incomplete combustion leading to CO poisoning and subsequent fatal accidents. Be sure to turn the ventilator or open the window to ventilate the room

Even when using a gas appliance with incomplete combustion prevention equipment, please be sure to ventilate the room.

Caution regarding CO poisoning

Carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless. CO poisoning is deadly but can be prevented by using a carbon monoxide detector and gas appliances with incomplete combustion prevention devices.

Concentration Symptom
0.04% Headache and Nausea in 1 to 2 hours; Eye pain in 3.5 hours
0.16% Headache, Dizziness, Nausea in 20 minutes; Fatal in 2 hours
0.32% Headache and Dizziness in 5 to 10 minutes; Fatal in 30 minutes
1.28% Fatal in 1 to 3 minutes

0.04% of carbon monoxide is equivalent to one 2-liter bottle of carbon monoxide in a 5 cubic meter room, a standard sized bath room in Japan.

Recommended Appliances

We highly recommend using the appliances with incomplete combustion prevention devices to make sure that no carbon monoxide is released and installing a gas alarm and a CO alarm. Please click here to see our recommended gas appliances equipped with incomplete combustion prevention devices, a gas alarm and a carbon monoxide alarm for carbon monoxide poisoning prevention.