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Domestic Energy Business

Domestic Energy Business

Solutions for Residential Customers

We will further enhance our strengths, offering a range of gas and electricity rates, providing one-stop support for living, high-quality safety and reliability, and energy-saving and environmentally friendly products. We will continue striving to be our customers' preferred choice as a new era energy marketer.

Solutions for Commercial and Industrial Customers

In addition to supplying gas and electricity, we carry out a series of initiatives to use energy in optimal systems, from energy-saving diagnoses and facility improvement proposals for customers to procurement of required equipment, development of technologies and products, maintenance, and management. We strive to propose optimal solutions to solve customers' energy problems on a one-stop basis, strengthening relationships with and inspiring continuing loyalty from our customers.

Electric Power Business

Efforts to Expand the Electric Power Business

Osaka Gas commenced retail sales of electric power in April 2016 in response to the full deregulation of the electricity retail market, and as of June 3, 2017 has accounts with approximately 350,000 customers, supplying electricity to households, restaurants, dry cleaners, and other low-voltage fields. We will strive to expand retail sales with the aim of supplying power to 700,000 customers by FY2020. In special high-voltage and high-voltage power, as before, we sell power as a sales agent of ENNET Corporation.*1
The Daigas Group also has alliances with other business operators in retail sales, in addition to selling and procuring power at the Japan Electric Power Exchange.

*1ENNET Corporation is a joint venture established by three companies: NTT Facilities, Tokyo Gas, and Osaka Gas.
It entered the retail electricity business in 2000.

Power Source Ownership and Development Status

Currently, we own about 1,880 MW of power in Japan—about 3,280 MW when including international power sources.


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