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Long-Term Vision

Long-Term Vision

Long-Term Management Vision for 2030

Becoming an innovative energy & service company
that continues to be the first choice of customers

The Daigas Group has newly created its long-term management vision for 2030. Dramatic changes have occurred in the business climate mainly due to the full deregulation of the domestic energy market. We are looking upon this change as an opportunity to become an innovative energy & service company that continues to be the first choice of customers. Our aim is to contribute to the advancement of society, communities, and customers by going beyond customer expectations and business boundaries and corporate boundaries.

Three Guiding Principles for FY2030

Three Guiding Principles for Achieving Our Long-Term Management Vision Based on the Daigas Group Corporate Philosophy

Continue providing the high-quality services we have developed in the Kansai area to as many customers as possible
  • ・Expand areas to conduct business in
  • ・Enhance businesses and services that make effective use of the Group’s strengths
Always strive to be professionals who pursue innovative challenges
  • ・Ensure a higher level of security and stable supply
  • ・Innovative product/technological development and engineering
Constantly winning the confidence of investors, corporate partners, employees, and society
  • ・Promote portfolio management
  • ・Enhance competitiveness by further improving business efficiency
  • ・Pursue management that is conscious of the ESG global standards
  • ・Establish organizations and workplaces in which all Group employees can conduct business activities in good health

What We Aim to Be in FY2030

Strengthen 9 Business Areas in 3 Core Business Domains

Working toward FY2030, the Daigas Group will strengthen nine business areas in three core business domains. We will also implement portfolio management to be better able to cope with the increasing uncertainties of the future.

Domestic Energy

Domestic Energy Business
Develop energy marketer business of a new era
Comprehensively supply energy and services to customers and strengthen customer relations
  • 1 Gas manufacturing and sales*
  • 2 Gas distribution
  • 3 Electric power generation and sales

International Energy Business

International Energy Business
Accelerate the
development of
international energy
With priority areas identified, strengthen efforts from upstream and trading to downstream operations to strengthen the earnings structure in the international energy business
  • 4 International upstream and trading
  • 5 International middle and downstream

Life & Business Solutions (LBS) Business

Life & Business  Solutions (LBS) Business
Expand LBS business
Expand business in real estate, materials, and information
  • 6 Real Estate
  • 7 Materials
  • 8 IT
9 New business fields and others

* Includes equipment and service sales, LNG sales, etc.

What We Aim to Be in FY2030

We will attempt to triple our FY2017 consolidated ordinary income by expanding both international and domestic business.

  • *1 At oil price of $55/barrel; exchange rate of ¥115/$1
  • *2 At oil price of $70/barrel; exchange rate of ¥115/$1
  • *3 Consolidated ordinary income base
  • *4 Life & Business Solutions
  • *5 Gas business income includes equipment sales, LNG sales, etc.

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