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Corporate Principles

Corporate Principles

Daigas Group Management Principle

The Daigas Group has established a management principle that consists of: Our Corporate Motto, What the Daigas Group Aims To Be and the Daigas Group Declaration. We carry out our business activities based on these cornerstones to create four types of value.

Corporate Motto

Service First
The "Service First" corporate motto of the Daigas Group represents a stance of faithfully engaging in actions to benefit customers and society. To put service first means asking, "Is there anything we can do to be of more use to customers?" We value such a proactive and attentive approach, in combination with a bold spirit of promoting new initiatives that extend beyond existing frameworks.

What the Daigas Group Aims To Be

A corporate group that supports continuous
advancement of consumer life and business
As business fields extend beyond regional and national borders and global competition becomes more intense, we build strengths that have international currency by engaging in new challenges. We consistently value our close working relationships with customers and aim to further raise the quality of consumer life and business. That is the essence of being a corporate group that strives to be useful and aid in advancing progress.

Daigas Group Declaration

The Daigas Group is creating four values
Daigas Group is committed to creating value primarily for customers, as well as for society, shareholders, and employees.
Value for Customers
Daigas Group is committed to providing services that meet customer expectations for comfort, convenience and reliability in diverse fields.
Value for Society
Daigas Group is committed to supporting sustainable development and environmental protection in society through business, mindful of compliance and transparency.
Value for Shareholders
Daigas Group is committed to meeting shareholders’ expectations for stable, long-term growth and maximized corporate value, while maintaining its sound financial foundation.
Value for Employees
Daigas Group is committed to respecting the individuality of employees and providing opportunities to pursue their careers and achieve self-development.

Business Development Based on Our Strengths

One strength of the Daigas Group is a reliable business infrastructure that is well-established locally; another is the ability to provide a stable and safe energy supply. We have built solid relationships with customers based on these strengths, and develop our business to make best use of them.

The Specialized Strengths of the Daigas Group

Relationships with7.3million customers*1

Based on procurement and supply capabilities to ensure a safe and stable supply of energy, we work face-to-face with customers to provide optimal gas appliances, equipment, and services. That is how we built relationships with our approximately 7.3 million customers.*1

*1: Number of gas meters installed

Robust Sales Infrastructure
Connected to Communities

Community Activities

Community Activities
Our service chain partners and Osaka Gas personnel work directly with customers to sell gas appliances and offer maintenance services and solutions.

Energy Solutions Capabilities, Proposals and Customization

Energy Solutions Capabilities,
Proposals and Customization
We offer our industrial customers services ranging from equipment improvements to maintenance, such as through energy-saving diagnoses and the development of burners using proprietary technologies developed by Osaka Gas.

Development Capabilities for Gas Appliances and Equipment

Development Capabilities for Gas Appliances and Equipment
We have developed the world's most efficient fuel cells*2, along with various gas appliances and equipment that meets our customers' needs, including cogeneration systems and air conditioning systems.

The Safe, Stable Supply of Energy

Stable LNG Procurement

Stable LNG Procurement
We have long-term contracts with eight producer countries, manage our own LNG carriers, and ensure a stable supply of LNG from diverse suppliers.

Distribution Network Care and Maintenance

Distribution Network Care and Maintenance
We manage and maintain a total of 61,666 km of pipeline, primarily in the Kansai region and ensure safety all the way from our production facilities to customer's gas equipment.

Our Own Power Sources

Our Own Power Sources
We own our own power plants that run on natural gas and coal, as well as renewable energies such as solar and wind power, totaling approximately 1,880 MW of power.

*2: World's highest power generation efficiency of 52% using a household fuel cell with a rated power output of 1 kW or less
(Calculated using the lower heating value; source: Osaka Gas, as of February 24, 2016)

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