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Management and CSR of the Osaka Gas Group

CSR Organization and Efforts throughout Our Value Chain

To Embody the CSR Charter and the Code of Conduct

Promotion and Reform in Alignment with Osaka Gas Group CSR Charter

In April 2006, the Osaka Gas Group established the Osaka Gas Group CSR Charter to serve as guidelines for executive officers and employees of the Group enabling it to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities. In fiscal 2011, the Osaka Gas Group initiated a new system and established a place for dialogue with internal and external stakeholders as occasion warrants depending on the topic to enable flexible and appropriate responses to the demands of society. The CSR Promotion Council, consisting of executives, deliberates CSR plans and reports on results of activities under the supervision of the President of Osaka Gas. From the viewpoint of integrating the promotion of overall CSR activities, we established the CSR Committee to coordinate and advance Group-wide CSR activities. The committee, led by the CSR Executive, is composed of the heads of business units.

        Prior to FY2010, meetings focused on the areas of the environment and compliance. However, from FY2011, along with restructuring of the CSR organization to cover all five areas of CSR Charter*, the CSR & Environment Department was established to perform administration functions and to act as a hub for CSR activities. As well, we established a panel in charge of social contribution, whose members in various company divisions deliberate on CSR planning and reporting. With these actions, we will strengthen initiatives under the CSR Charter and aim for achieving CSR that fulfills the demands of society.

  • *Five Areas of CSR Charter
  • Charter Ⅰ: Creating value for customers; Charter Ⅱ: Harmonizing with the environment and contributing to realizing a sustainable society; Charter Ⅲ: Being a good corporate citizen contributing to society; Charter Ⅳ: Complying with laws and regulations and respect for human rights; Charter Ⅴ: Management policy for human growth.
CSR promotion system
CSR promotion system

Osaka Gas Group CSR Activities in the Value Chain

As its mid- and down-stream businesses in the natural gasvalue chain, Osaka Gas has conventionally been engaged in the importation and receipt of natural gas, regasification at LNG terminals, and gas supply to customers via pipelines . In recent years, we have also focused our attention on and accelerated the upstream business, including participation and investment in projects for overseas gas fields and liquefaction plants.

        As a company dealing with energy, Osaka Gas has a responsibility to be attentive to the social impact of its wide-ranging business ctivities. We are therefore aware that we should act to avoid or minimize the negative impact that may arise in our value chain from procurement to sales, giving greater consideration than in the past.

        At the same time, we will promote our business partners who comprise the value chain to behave ethically and conduct activities in consideration of society and the environment, by sharing Osaka Gas's CSR concept and policy in an integrated manner.

Osaka Gas Group CSR Activities in the Value Chain
Procurement Processing Supply Sales

Dialogues and Collaboration with Stakeholders

The Osaka Gas Group attaches importance to dialogues with various stakeholders, as a means of discerning in advance the negative impact that may arise in our value chain, so as to avoid or minimize such an impact.

        For example, we held dialogues with members from the Council of the Kansai Consumers' Association (pages 15 and 16), the Osaka Voluntary Action Center (pages 19 and 20), and the Osaka Gas Workers Union (pages 23 and 24). We also exchange information with various stakeholders via the UN Global Compact Japan Network, actively participate in policy-making opportunities, advocacies by World Business Council for Sustainable Development* as a member company.

        Through these dialogues and opinion exchanges, we promote our CSR activities. Moreover, Osaka Gas is active in implementing collaborative projects with other companies, universities and NPOs. Examples of our collaboration with various stakeholders include the open innovation projects to bring together and make effective use of various technologies of universities and small and medium enterprises (SMEs), the "Learning About Fire" program promoted in cooperation with the NPO Plus Arts and the Kobe City Local Human Resources Development Support Center, and the easy cooking classes for visually impaired people, held jointly with Nippon Meat Packers,

Dialogues with Council of the Kansai Consumers' Association

Dialogues with Osaka Voluntary Action Center

Dialogues with Osaka Gas Workers Union

  • *WBCSD
  • World Business Council for Sustainable Development: a CEO-led organization of approx. 180 of forward-thinking companies that galvanizes the global business community to create a sustainable future for business, society and the environment. Established in 1995.